Brake Hardware

FVP brake hardware is all you need to restore braking performance.

New brake hardware helps maintain pad alignment and even contact with the rotors, ultimately reducing the chances of irritating brake noise, brake drag, soft pedal feel, and uneven, premature brake pad wear. Install our Disc or Drum hardware kits and finish the job with new caliper bolts and electric wear sensors.

Why install new hardware with every brake job? 

  • It’s easy and affordable. It only takes a few extra minutes during a pad and rotor replacement to install new brake hardware, an inexpensive way to ensure a complete brake job.
  • New hardware protects your customer’s investment. Unwanted kinetic friction from brake drag can cause premature or uneven wear and reduce pad life.
  • New parts, along with pads and rotors, restores braking to like-new performance. Independent testing shows that worn hardware produces noise levels up to 70 decibels, as loud as a household vacuum.
  • Eight out of ten customers buying brake pads indicate they would purchase new brake hardware if a professional like you recommends it.

Disc Brake Hardware Kits

  • Built with stainless steel for corrosion-free performance
  • Include abutment clips with QuietGuide Technology 
  • Clips coated with PTFE on one side to reduce drag and vulcanized rubber on the other to reduce noise

Drum Brake Hardware Kits

  • Include return springs, hold-down parts, adjusting screws, and adjusting springs
  • Minimize brake drag to improve gas mileage
  • Prevent premature brake wear
  • Restore brakes to provide like-new performance

Caliper Mounting Bolts 

  • Preloaded with anti-seize
  • Cover 150 million vehicles
  • Available in ‘Time Saver’ Assortments
  • Certified for fit and performance

Brake Pad Electric Wear Sensors 

  • 98% coverage for domestic and import vehicles
  • Over 25 million vehicles covered
  • Engineered and tested to ensure electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties meet or exceed OE requirements
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