Heavy Duty VoltEdge

Extreme conditions call for the toughest batteries. FVP's VoltEdge batteries are ready to handle commercial and heavy duty applications. FVP VoltEdge commercial batteries are engineered to withstand vibration and frequent cycling.

How'd we do it? By crafting these batteries with the latest technologies, including:

  • Reinforced Polypropylene Container resists impact damage and life robbing "container bulge."
  • Polypropylene Primary and Secondary Cover provide maintenance free exterior allowing for condensation "flow-back."
  • Integral Flame Arrestor prevents explosion caused by an external spark.
  • Proprietary Fold Down Handle makes it easy to transport and handle.
  • Cold Forged Terminal Bushings provide a leak-free bond eliminating terminal corrosion.
  • Appropriate Acid Space adds as much as 10mm more electrolyte above plates, extending life in high temperature applications.
  • Internal Process Post maximized for high rate discharge and long life.
  • Cast On Strapinter cell provides strong, consistent connections built to withstand harsh applications.
  • Rolled Expanded Grid improves life by reducing the typical effects of normal grid corrosion.
  • High Density Paste is a perfect blend of long-cycle life with reliable performance.
  • Rubber Separators greatly improve the overall life cycle of the battery.
  • Positive Plate Tissue is a proprietary paper used to prevent the loss of active material.
  • Top Bonding improves vibration resistance while helping to prevent grid growth.
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