Fuel Filters

Nothing slows down a job like an ill-fitting fuel filter.

FVP Fuel Filters provide a consistent fit every time. They're also engineered to meet or exceed all application requirements.

Keep vehicles running longer by screening out dirt, rust, and other contaminants. Choose FVP Fuel Filters for better quality, better efficiency, and better performance. Dirty filters can cause drivability problems, reduce fuel system component life & increase fuel consumption.

Clean filters protect the fuel system components and help increase gas mileage. Fuel System contaminants include particulates (cause filter to plug quickly), precipitates (settle until the fuel is agitated and then is problematic), fungus and bacteria (thrive and spread in moist environments).

  • Over 96% auto and light truck application coverage

  • Meet all OE application requirements

  • Consistent fit for easier installation

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