Read testimonials from shop owners, technicians, and consumers from around the country and find out why so many of our customers trust the quality and value of FVP products.



At my shop, I choose to work with FMP because of the relationship that I have built with my sales representative.

I’ve chosen to be part of the Partners Network because I wanted to offer a better warranty to my customers with their nationwide 3 years, 36,000-mile coverage. I also enjoy being part of that to give the technicians that I have employed a better opportunity to improve their skill sets.

– Spencer D., Mesa, Arizona

I have been a customer of FVP for over 16 years. I continuously choose FVP over the other brands because of their quick delivery time, their wide range of products; they take care of you. FVP believes in taking care of the customer the same way we do. We are happily part of the FMP Partners Network, they offer a nationwide warranty and are able to advertise while being an independent shop.

– Gary F., Huntington Beach, CA