Transmission Filters

A properly operating transmission is key to optimizing overall vehicle performance and longevity! Proper filtration of the transmission fluid enhances the shifting process, and extends transmission life by minimizing wear, sticking, and scoring of sensitive shift control valves. Further, transmission failure is an expensive repair or replacement, which can also result in secondary damage to other parts. And, a poorly functioning transmission can result in a considerable penalty in poor fuel mileage!

FVP Transmission Filter kits are a direct OE equivalent, and will enhance the transmission function by removing toxic contaminants and ensuring clean transmission fluid flowing throughout the system.

  • FVP Transmission Filters (pan type) are manufactured to create an air tight, no-leak seal.
  • These kits are an OE equivalent replacement and are manufactured to ISO9001 standards.
  • Premium gaskets, included, are nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR).
  • These gaskets are designed and manufactured to ensure memory retention for proper fitment.
  • Each kit is ready for installation, complete with filter, required gaskets, o-rings, and metal collar if required.
  • The filter kits are developed for specific transmissions, so improper fitment will never be an issue.
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