Premium ATF

FVP's Premium ATF is suitable for use in transmissions built by General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, Ford (except where Type F is required) and most foreign manufacturers, where a Dexron® III H, Dexron® III G, Dexron® IIE, Mercon®, or Type A Suffix A performance-level transmission fluid is specified.

Product Info

Product Info

  • Excellent cold temperature performance characteristic
  • Compatible with a wide range of seals
  • Excellent wear protection and oxidation resistance
  • Meets all requirements for foam protection
  • Smooth shifting


pdf.png Product Information Sheet

Recommended for applications requiring:

  • Dexron®III H, Dexron® III G, Dexron® IIIE, Mercon®  or Type A suffix A
  • Mercon, M2C138-CJ, or M2C 166-H Fluids
  • When Allison C-$ Fluids and Caterpillar TO-2 Fluids are called for


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