Carburetor & Fuel Injector Cleaner

Dirt, gum, and varnish making your job harder? FVP Carburetor and Fuel Injector Cleaner is specifically formulated to help prevent build-up of these and other performance-reducing deposits. This powerful product also:

  • Aids in removing water from the gas tank,
  • Smoothes rough idle,
  • Eases hard starts,
  • Fights power loss,
  • Reduces exhaust emissions,
  • Protects against fuel system rust and corrosion,
  • Reduces engine friction, and
  • Improves fuel economy.

Product Info

Product Info

  • Maximizes performance
  • Air intake cleaner
  • Quickly dissolves carburetor deposits such as gum, sludge, and varnish
  • Improves fuel system performance
  • Oxygen Sensor safe


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SDS Sheets

Direction for Use: 

Empty full bottle into gas tank before fill-up.  Cleans fuel system and improves performance while your drive.  Treats up to 20 gallons.