Marine and RV Batteries

Our brand is your reputation, and FVP VoltEdge® Marine and RV batteries are specifically engineered to withstand extreme vibration, stress and perform under the most demanding conditions.  FVP VoltEdge® Marine and RV batteries available in deep cycle, marine starting, AGM and dual purpose applications providing a confident solution for your boating and/or motorhome needs. Marine starting batteries are designed to provide peak amperage for starting inboard, outboard and I/O motors, fast starts and a quick recharge. Deep cycle batteries are used to power trolling motor and various marine electronics.  They are designed for long-term power draw down to lower amperage rates and have superior reserve capacity to ensure hours of hassle-free use. AGM and dual purpose batteries serve as both your cranking battery and powering your trolling motor.

Each battery utilizes Stamped Grid technology with a special, thicker plate and twin terminals for superior construction. A low resistant envelope separator with glass mat and reinforced container provides the latest in anti-vibration technology. With a longer life and high cycle stability, the flexible design allows for maximum performance.

Product Info


  • Wrought Calcium, high tin grid alloys Superior strength and corrosion resistance resulting in up to 40% more usable life
  • Patented secondary maintenance free cover Separates liquids from gases allowing liquids to return back into the battery
  • Cold forged terminal bushings Eliminates terminal corrosion caused by acid wicking
  • Integrated fold down handle for safe and easy handling


pdf.png Product Information Sheet

  • Hydrometer Eye for easy and convenient inspection of the battery’s condition
  • Exclusive “Spun-Bonded” Paper enhances life by bonding the positive active material
  • Heavy polypropylene case Outstanding durability and support
  • More electrolyte above the plates Up to ¼” more liquid above the plates ensures longer life and performance


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