Automotive Platinum

Today's automobiles and light trucks require batteries that will start the vehicle in extreme weather conditions and run all of the power-hungry accessories. The FVP Platinum Automotive and Light Truck Batteries are 22%* more powerful than the FVP VoltEdge Batteries. They are specifically designed to provide maximum cranking power to start the vehicle and run the electronic accessories when the vehicle is turned off.

Each FVP Platinum Battery is engineered to meet exact OE fitment specifications and is backed by a nationwide free-replacement 30-month warranty.

*Comparison of Cold Cranking Amp Ratings for FVP batteries within the same BCI Group

FVP's Platinum automotive batteries are constructed with:

  • High Cold Cranking Amps and Reserve Capacity Ratings Has the power to start the vehicle and run all of the electronic accessories found on today’s vehicles
  • New Calcium/Tin Alloy Reduces self-discharge for long lasting durability
  • Maintenance Free Design Has a sealed case for safety and protection
  • Integrated Fold Down Handle Provides safe, easy handling and installation
  • Envelope Separators Lowers electric resistance for reliable starting power
  • Advanced Center Lug Technology Minimizes vibration and extends the life of the battery

Platinum Warranty

When we say FVP is the confident solution, we mean it.

Want proof? How about a NO CHARGE* Limited Warranty on all FVP Platinum automotive batteries for a full 2 1/2 years?  If a FVP Platinum battery is found defective under normal usage within 30 months from the date of purchase, your service provider will provide a replacement battery at no charge to you. That's two and a half years of peace of mind.

Want more? You got it. Ask your FVP service provider about the Supplemental Limited Battery Warranty that can extend the NO CHARGE* Limited Warranty to a full five years!

There's nothing like the confidence of knowing a FVP Platinum battery will surpass your expectations.

Call 1-866-FVP-EDGE to find the nearest dealer or just click on the FVP Locator button at the top of this page.

* Subject to specific terms and conditions. Installation charges may apply.

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