Orange Formula Antifreeze

FVP® Orange Formula Antifreeze/Coolant can be used in place of Dex-Cool® coolant in all General Motors® cars and light duty trucks. FVP® Orange Formula Antifreeze/Coolant is compatible and formulated for use with ANY antifreeze/coolant in ANY make or model of car or light duty truck and other engine metals. This formula has a concentrated blend of premium long-lasting inhibitors to offer protection for up to 5 years or 150,000 miles against temperature extremes, the ravages of rust and corrosion, and premature water pump failure when used as directed.

Product Info

Product Info

  • Meets ASTM D 3306, D4985
  • May be added to the antifreeze/ coolant of ANY make and model of automobile and light duty truck on the road, foreign or domestic
  • May be added to ANY color antifreeze/coolant (color may change, but performance will not be affected)





pdf.pngFull Strength Info Sheet

  • Protects aluminum and ANY other engine metals
  • Meets GM and Ford performance specifications









pdf.png50/50 Info Sheet


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