FVP Ignition Coils

FVP Ignition Coils deliver premium quality for import and domestic applications.

  • Specific epoxy formulations dissipate heat faster, resist vibration, and withstand harsh underhood conditions.
  • Designs are thermal shock tested from 40° C to 125°C to ensure reliability under brutal climate conditions.
  • Designs are endurance tested at 125°C extreme high temperature for up to 1,000 hours to provide lifetime reliability by design, material, and construction.
  • Primary and secondary wires are protected with the highest temperature rated enamel coating available on the market.
  • Sophisticated electronic circuitry within PCM/ECM controlled coils ensure compliance with OE engine management control software architecture, while providing maximum energy output.
  • Engineered and manufactured conforming to TS, TQ and/or ISO requirements.
  • Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

pdf.png Product Information Sheet