Volt Edge Warranty

When we say FVP is the confident solution, we mean it.

Want proof? How about a NO CHARGE* Limited Warranty on all FVP VoltEdge automotive batteries for a full 2 years?  If a FVP battery is found defective under normal usage within 24 months from the date of purchase, your service provider will provide a replacement battery at no charge to you. That's two years of peace of mind. 

Want more? You got it. Ask your FVP service provider about the Supplemental Limited Battery Warranty that can extend the NO CHARGE* Limited Warranty to a full five years!

There's nothing like the confidence of knowing a FVP battery will surpass your expectations. 

Call 1-866-FVP-EDGE to find the nearest dealer or just click on the yellow “Where to Purchase” button at the top of this page.

* Subject to specific terms and conditions. Installation charges may apply.

pdf.png VoltEdge Battery Warranty Terms & Conditions